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Something I realized recently, which now appears to be something I should have concluded awhile ago, is that we are the authors of our stories. We hold the ability to write our narratives and paint our perspectives whatever colours we want. Obviously, there are things out of our control, and there are things not able to be viewed in an optimistic light. But, for a large portion of our existence, we can write our own stories.

I realized this sitting in a traffic jam a few weeks ago. I may have touched upon this last week, but I really was just frustrated with rush hour (and the fact that I had so much work to do, and was losing time to do it as the minutes passed). I became frustrated with my frustration, which is simply such an unpleasant feeling. And then I realized something: I had the ability to change my mood (like wow what a concept). In that moment, I was the only one deciding how I was feeling. The surrounding forces had nothing to do with me, they were outside of my realm of control. But, the choice how to react was up to me. This felt like a mind-shattering epiphany. I realized that this choosing was applicable in other areas of my life too. I've been thinking about it since then - and, really, evaluating how I react to situations in general.

When I write a song, I am in control of what happens within that song. Sometimes I struggle to separate the characters in a song from the people they match in my real life, but there are changes that need to be made in the story line at times. The events in my life that unfolded can be painted however I wish within my song. I can change the ending to a happy one because I ultimately learned something from the sad events, or I can find strength in telling the real events that ended poorly - either way, I am choosing. Choosing does not mean lying; it means that you view the truth with an attitude of tranquility in knowing you are in control of your reaction to it.

My main point is this: we are the authors of our stories here in this life, and I am trying to befriend the idea, rather than let it scare me. I wish to write a beautiful story and experience all I can while I am here. We can create the narrative, or the soundtrack, to our existence. It is up to us to decide the tone that we set for our days. Just think about that during your week - go through your routines, your work, or whatever it is that you do, and evaluate the narrative you create. Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it lukewarm? Just evaluate. Do not judge whatever it is what you find, but take note of it. The first step to changing your story is to choose to try, and then to choose change. <3

Happy Monday, beautiful souls. Sending all the love to you in your week of creating your story.



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