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Valentine's Inspired February Lookbook!

Happy Monday, friends! Coming to you lovely people with some outfit inspiration with a theme of all things Valentine's Day + love. Even if Valentine's Day is totally not your thing, you can adapt these outfits to fit your style! <3

Outfit #1 - casual work day! I wore this outfit on a busy day of school and work last week, and it's the perfect combination of comfy yet February festive. I paired a light pink sweater with a dark wash overall dress, and since I wanted to keep my hair out of my face, I added my favourite Jack Skellington hat (you can of course, skip the Nightmare Before Christmas obsessiveness that I have and pick any hat that you like). For shoes, I wore tall boots with a slight heel to tie the look together! This look is perfect for a mix of girly and functional.

This look is perfect for those of you who need a more business casual or professional look. This red top is from Bella-Gia Boutique, and it is perfect for an office + after hours going out look! I paired it with a pair of black pants with flower detailing to keep the theme of February. I love a cute pair of boots with skinny jeans, so I just paired this with my black high heeled booties. Since it is still chilly outside, I also threw on my favourite leather jacket. If that's not your style, you could also opt for a comfy sweater or a jean jacket to complete the look!

This is perfect for those of you who prefer pink to red - I am wearing the same pair of detailed black pants as before, as well as the same black heels. I am obsessed with the detailing on the back of this top, so I probably would style my hair to the side so it would show. I also added a black belt to cinch it in the middle.

This outfit is one of my personal favourites - I am wearing a pink crop top that has white flower detailing all over it, as well as bell sleeves that are so gorgeous. I paired it with a black skater skirt and some sheer tights (since it's literally freezing in Chicago), as well as some zip up taupe booties! This outfit would be perfect for a date night or event.

This outfit is perfect for those of you who prefer not to wear skirts or dresses - I know, shorts in the winter?! But, it actually isn't at all different than wearing a skirt + tights combo. I paired these pink lace shorts with some black tights, a white top, and a jean vest. I also styled it with my floral pair of docs, as well as a cute little owl necklace.

My Valentine's Day outfit!! I paired a red dress with the same jean vest, as well as some festive glasses and black converse w/ red laces, of course. Gotta keep it festive!

A lot of people don't understand being into fashion - it's not shallow or annoying to be into putting cute outfits together! Let's just get this out there: I have horrible anxiety. As a performer, this can be tough! But putting cool looks for shows together really helps boost my confidence before I go onstage, or anywhere, really! Even going to school makes me crazy nervous sometimes, for no reason at all. But if I wake up and know I've got a dope outfit picked out, it puts me in a confident mindset. The same goes for work days - if there's a day I'm working from home, I know I won't feel as productive just kicking it in my sweatpants, but if I dress up like I would for a show or work, it will automatically put me in the productive mindset!

Anyways, you get the gyst. Thank you guys for checking out my February lookbook - be sure to leave me a comment and let me know which outfit is your fav.



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