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Twenty Things I Kinda Learned in 2019 That I Hope to REALLY Learn in 2020

1. Social media does not have to equate to feeling badly about yourself. Intentional use is your friend.

2. Yearly reminder that girls on Instagram are not "goals."

3. No one but you will ever scrutinize a mix as analytically as you. Translation: quit with the perfectionism. Let art be art.

4. Furthermore, live creatively, without fear.

5. Don't be afraid to be a beginner. The master has failed more times than a beginner has ever tried.

6. Ask questions when you are confused, instead of biting your tongue for fear of appearing dumb.

7. Hardship will teach you. Make as much peace with it as you can.

8. Really, try to remain peaceful in any of life's situations. Stressing usually makes it worse.

9. Don't allow the fear of being judged prevent you from being your most authentic self.

10. Stop! Letting! Everything! Hurt! Your! Feelings!

11. But, don't lose your sensitivity. Do not allow the world to harden your heart.


13. You're not stupid just because college is difficult.

14. See the magic in everything.

15. Travel, and let the world teach you.

16. Appreciate days with no pain. Appreciate days with pain. Don't resist what is.

17. Collaboration with friends is healing.

18. Doing things alone is healing, too.

19. Maybe put a little more effort into rehearsing? I know, it's crazy. I said maybe.

20. Love everyone. The world has enough suffering. Use the gifts and tools you have to create something beautiful in a world that seeks light to break through the darkness.


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